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Body Shapes
by Trevor Drummondlittlebrickbox.comfb.com/littlebrickbox
I’m the first to admit that I’m not much of a landscape photographer… But I have always been in tune with wilderness/nature. Ever since a little kid, I always loved fishing, camping, hiking, exploring, etc. Finally got a chance to explore through Wissahickon Valley Park in Philadelphia, PA on an overcast day carrying around my 5D Mark III and Manfrotto tripod to capture this long exposure shot.
THE SHOT: It’s three stitched images using the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art and a bit of Photoshop work. There was a fisherman with his child on the left rock that I Photoshopped out, and I was honestly thinking of Photoshopping the group of kids out on the right third. I soon came to the realization how bland the image seemed without a human subject (even if just blurs.) It was a group of teens exploring the trail themselves. I’ve always agreed with Erik Almas when he says he feels images don’t have the same strength without human subjects in them in some way shape or form. Most of the post work involved toning to remove the blue tint from the 4-stop ND filter (then added yellows, cyans, browns, oranges), a lens flare to create the sun (since it was cloudy and dull) and then more toning.Hope you guys enjoy this one!
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St. Andrews, Kiev
An archive shot, from June 2012.
Oleg Bagmutskiy
One balloon in the hand, one balloon flew away…
by Trevor Drummondlittlebrickbox.comfb.com/littlebrickbox
I’m a Filipino hobbyist film photographer. I shoot using my 1982 Nikon FG.
Atlantic lights
Madison Wright. Photo By David Hanjani
paslematin - Black hole
Horn of an old phonograph seen in a market of São Paulo, Brazil.www.gdecooman.fr - portfolio, stages photo et visites guidées de Lille
decadentandepraved - Time is ticking…
vagrantsneaker - #camerasNsneakers
New Balance x ARC (ALIFE) M1300AR2 
alexelices - let`s count
elenamorelli - { into the misty light }
saenzdesantamaria - Cinquecento
f4; 1/3200s; ISO 400: FL:50mm
© Juan Manuel Saenz de Santa María, 2014