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Project Owner
Under the Golden Gate
Vancouver-based aspiring photographer!
I shoot with a Canon T2i and focus mostly on nature but am slowly becoming more interested in street photography. I have only had my camera for 2 years but I am sopassionate about it and I am learning more every day. 
Any comments, critique, questions or advice is very welcome! Please check my blog out here!
J.frey in beverly hills.
pink nails and tan legs- an excerpt from a body of work called “typical teenagers and necessary classicism”.
roan violette
Venice Rooftops © Darren Bonello
Fruitage by Andrey Grigoryev aka spiritualblue
Flickr | Fotoblur | Tumblr
Photo by Martin Ellmark
I take pictures of many different things to explore and discover the infinite experiences and realities of human existence. I want to showcase the beauty of life. I want to know where this blossoming love for photography will take me. I will go places…

Follow me at riakristina.tumblr.com
paslematin - Calçada da Glória - Lisbon, Portugal
www.gdecooman.fr - portfolio, stages photo et visites guidées de Lille
Seen at Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
Just an aspiring photographer exploring his style. 
Nick Shafer. 18. San Francisco native. Traveling the World. College next year. Photography = big hobby. 
Timeless (Lavra in October)
Kiev Pechersk Lavra in the Autumn.
Photography by Koen Rayer, take a look at my portfolio

Born 1982, Amateur photographer trying to frame pieces of her life through photographs. Please visit my page to see more of my works and feel free to comment. Thanks!