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agnieszkabulacik - portraits of ladies - Maggy
inspired by renaissance portraiture diversity of original and totally fascinating hairstyles I’m surrounded with made me think about portraits of ladies in renaissance art. their individualism was emphasized by the way they have had done their hair. so it’s here: you can find a hairdresser on every corner and change your hairstyle as often as you want. plenty of women play with their style experimenting bravely.

sakisfilis - Chicken Territory
dezignhorizon - Beach Houses.  See more of my photos at dezignhorizon.com
donmittavittua - 'healing your weakness' - 277/365 (26/8/14) by Sergio Varanitsa
ourstolensouls - Through the Fog
gimme-now - Agave in Pompeii langstoncarter
Catedrales de Mármol, Carretera Austral. 
panaceastation -  African Leopard
    - Sabi Sabi, South Africa
woodrufftr - In the Desert// Taken by Tom Woodruff 
stevenflannigan - Old Québec on Flickr.
urbsetcivitas - Dipinti / Ex Ospedale Villa Malta, Sarno