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Old vase and willow by Andrey Grigoryev aka spiritualblue
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birdsonly - Common Blackbird (male) ~ Amsel (Hahn) ~ Turdus merula
I met a Blackbird and he didn’t like it - but before he left, I was able to take this picture. He has spiderwebs on his forehead. :-)
2014 © Jesse Alveo
spiders-photos - ’The commute.’
(More of my life in my hands)
frangipania - ICELAND (May 2012) - The bursting Strokkur geysir in Haukaladur geothermal area 
Quick view on my work
htfphoto - forgot to bring my water balloon…
vdara pool down there at citycenter, las vegas.
nikon em with nikkor 50/1.8e ai-s and expired kodak max 400.
Teenage photographer from Michigan
It takes courage to decide when and why you are disposed to die.
Black & White, Barcelona and others places around the world. http://kosasphotography.tumblr.com/
Sun light, sun bright
japan, 2010.  © feline creature
© Mariah Texidor
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